Artesian Spring Oriental Medicine

Fort Collins, CO - Aesthetic, Cosmetic, and Facial Acupuncture. No Botox Necessary.

What to Expect

What to Expect

When you work with Artesian Spring Oriental Medicine, expect that we will:
▪       Treat you with respect.
▪       Answer all your questions to the best of our ability.
▪       Never pressure you.
▪       Provide you solutions to help you get well and stay well, naturally.
▪       Help you achieve your health and beauty goals.


Questions Answered

You likely have questions about what’s involved in a treatment. We want to make sure your concerns are addressed. By calling our front desk, you get the opportunity to have those questions answered. After that conversation, if you feel acupuncture may be right for you, our friendly staff will help get you scheduled.

Your 1st Visit – Initial Evaluation and Intro Treatment

This is your Initial Evaluation with our Acupuncture Expert. Please download your paperwork and fill it out prior to your appointment. During these 90 minutes, your medical history and expectations regarding treatment will be reviewed. You’ll undergo a Traditional Chinese Diagnostic Evaluation, including face, tongue, and pulse evaluation. Then you get your treatment!  Together, we work to get you back to where you want to be.

Subsequent Treatments

Follow up sessions are 60 minutes. The treatments are administered according to your specific treatment plan. They include various modalities from all 5 Branches of Traditional Chinese Medicine – Acupuncture, Massage Therapy, Chinese Herbal Medicine, Chinese Dietetics, and Qi Gong Exercise. Individual results vary, but improvement in function is often noticed within 6-8 treatments. Once a treatment course is complete, your situation will be re-evaluated, and the treatment plan will be modified accordingly. If your issue has been alleviated, you’ll be discharged from our care.


You’ll value your experience with ASOM because:

▪       We know (and love) what we’re doing.

▪       We’re good at doing it.

▪       We’re ethical, straightforward, and provide you options.

▪       We guarantee your satisfaction with our Health Harmony Promise.