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Ultimate Life Tool

We’ve affiliated with HumanOpTech to utilize the Ultimate Life Tool (ULT)®.

It’s a fact that the emotions you experience on a daily basis write the lines on your face. As part of our Natural Aesthetic Enhancement System (NAES)™, the ULT gives you a deeper level of understanding about yourself. By taking this assessment you’ll learn:

  • why the way you look impacts your unique expression of self in this lifetime
  • how to optimize your daily lifestyle
  • how to gain and maintain your energy
  • how to enhance your relational alchemy
  • why acting naturally and authentically will ultimately make an impact on your appearance.

The Technology

The Ultimate Life Tool (ULT)® is an accredited, cutting-edge technology that is found in nature and grounded in science. As a patented Human Assessment methodology, it provides an objective model of seeing oneself and others. No two people are exactly alike. You are as unique as your fingerprint and perfectly designed.

This advanced technology generates an exclusive ‘operating manual’ for individuals that identifies their unique authentic needs, motivators, along with how they best communicate, connect with others, and download information.

When you act in ways that are authentic and natural, you gain energy; when you have to learn and use something that is not natural for you… you lose energy.

Knowing how to “fuel” behaviors that feed or “drive” you will keep you energized and operating from a position of strength. In other words, it helps people to effortlessly access and operate from within their Zone-of-Genius.

You’ll get to work with my colleague, mentor, and friend, Wei Houng. He’ll give you a personalized operating manual describing who you are and what makes you tick. This guide will be key to optimizing how you function at work, home and with others.

Then we’ll apply the knowledge you’ve acquired from your operating manual to the Natural Aesthetic Enhancement System.

And you can get even more in-depth information by reading Dr. Zannah Hackett’s book:  Y.O.U. & the Ultimate Life Tool: The Knowledge of Y.O.U.

You can learn more by visiting HumanOpTech.

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