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Raving Fan Acupuncture Testimonials


A few acupuncture testimonials from Artesian Spring Oriental Medicine raving fans.


Video Testimonial Jennifer S. Loveland 

Written Testimonials

I don’t know what kind of magic Terry is doing, but whatever it is, it’s great. I have been in for 4 acupuncture treatments and I am really starting to feel the effects. When I went in today, I had a knot in my neck and as I sat there, relaxing, letting the needles do their work, I could literally feel the knot loosening up. And if that wasn’t enough, after the needles were removed, Terry used his massage therapy knowledge and was able to further loosen and diminish the knot. If I ever questioned acupuncture’s effectiveness, I’m now a believer!!  – Ashley R., Fort Collins


“So after my week of headaches and migraines, thank you Terry Fox with Artesian Spring Oriental Medicine. True to his word things released last night. I still have some muscle tension, but the pressure in my head is much improved and at a least half of the octopus cupping marks are gone. THANK YOU!” – Liz N., Fort Collins


“Not all acupuncture or all acupuncturists are alike. Terry has a master’s degree from the Colorado School of Traditional Chinese Medicine, which gives him a technical edge over many acupuncturists. At CSTCM, he received intensive clinical training and experience in several styles of needling (not just one style) as well as hundreds of hours of education in the use of herbs and other aspects of traditional Chinese medicine. He is unique among acupuncturists in other ways as well. He REALLY listens to his patients and customizes treatment based on what he hears plus his observations and experience in treating that individual patient. Some patients do well only with very subtle techniques; others require more stimulation of the needles, etc. For me, he realized that I needed a more intense approach the second appointment.

I have been to two other acupuncturists who did me little good and the effects of their treatments didn’t last until the next day. They both inserted the needles quickly and without stimulation and then left me to “cook” while they did other things. I stuck with one of them for about 6 weeks, and in that time, he did not change the treatment to produce better results. Terry takes time at each appointment to take an updated history, ask questions, make observations, and determine the best treatment plan for that day. He explains what he is doing and why, as well as what the patient can do to help achieve optimal health. He gives each patient as much time, attention and education as needed, although he will leave you alone to “cook” if you prefer.

Terry treats his patients with kindness, dignity and respect. He is truly invested in helping each patient get well and goes “above and beyond” to achieve this. For example, he has a patient who is the victim of a major stroke. Terry took courses to learn how to treat stroke patients, just for this man.

One caveat – He is a master of pulse diagnosis, and in addition to health issues he detects in this way, may pick things up that lead him to ask questions like, “Did you rush while driving here?” But don’t worry; he keeps everything that happens in his office completely confidential. His character shows in his work, he is trustworthy in every way, and he will help you regain your health economically and without the unwanted effects of conventional treatment.” -Nickie D., Louisville


I loved loved and appreciated Terry’s brilliance so much because I had a deep knowing that this was my perfect next step to allow my body to heal itself. I know and trust that my body and emotions will keep wanting more! Thank you Terry for your brilliance and confidence in your gift-Cynthia K., Fort Collins
I absolutely appreciate how informative Terry is with his practice. He is full of ease, reasoning, trust , and hope. I am so grateful for how he is willing to dig deeply into the root cause of my symptoms. His practice is very on purpose, and he also offers other remedies that marriage beautifully with acupuncture. I feel very safe with him, and I trust I am in honest and caring care.”– Cara F., Fort Collins

Thank you again for your acupuncture treatment last Wednesday.  I very much appreciated your listening to my concerns – you are a very good listener.  I also want you to know I felt safe and cared about during my treatment.  Thank you!

Take care and thank you again for a very positive first-time experience with acupuncture.” – Theresa F., Fort Collins


Terry did a great job of assessing my condition. He knew what to do and his treatment was incredibly affective. I came home with immediate, highly desirable results.” – Katarah U, Fort Collins


Terry is a profoundly competent practitioner of Chinese Medicine with vast and prolific knowledge and expertise. He applied generous listening while performing an acute assessment of my condition, applied exacting and precise treatment through his handy needlework, and gave me a very useful protocol of tools to increase the efficacy of his work.” -Rachel P.,  Fort Collins


“I went in to see Terry to treat back pain associated with fracturing a few ribs and severe whiplash.  He did both massage therapy and cupping (associated more with acupuncture). Within a month of going to him weekly the pain in my back subsided!  The cupping was the most helpful method out of all I had tried to rid my back pain and I HIGHLY suggest it to anyone and everyone!  He has also treated a few other health issues with some herbal supplements and is very knowledgeable and helpful in that regard!”– Beth W., Fort Collins

 “That “intro treatment” had a huge impact on me, Terry. I feel like you got my “qi” moving in the right direction and I started to feel ease and flow again in my body. And that makes it waaaay easier to feel happy and connected in my own skin!  – Amanda G, Fort Collins

“I need to let people know my latest experience with Artesian Spring Oriental Medicine.  Terry Fox is very dedicated to his chosen profession.  All of my experiences have been very good with his products and his acupuncture service.

A quick testimonial for his acupuncture – I was in a lot of pain for over a week and also using crutches to get around.  I had an appointment with Mr. Fox on a Friday morning to have acupuncture performed, and I felt a noticeable difference as I left his office.  On the next morning I told my wife that I felt so good I was going to go on a bicycle ride.  I was no longer on crutches, and I enjoyed a 35 mile bicycle ride.  I am very positive that if I had not had Terry perform acupuncture on me that I would have been on crutches even longer.  I would recommend his products and services to everyone I know.” – Chuck J., Fort Collins

“I went to see Terry Fox for medical issues I had been having.  He listened to my issues and worked out a plan to help.  He recommended a nutrition plan based on Traditional Chinese Medicine.  Since I have been following the plan, which is very simple and easy, I feel much better.  I saw a difference within days.  I have also seen Terry for acupuncture and feel the two have been vital in my general health improvement.  I appreciate his help and advice and I recommend him to everyone I know. Thank you Terry!” – Laurie O., Fort Collins

“I have to say I can personally attest to the value of acupuncture and the healing it brought to my hip through you, Terry!” – Lainie P., Windsor

“Terry Fox took my acupuncture virginity today. 🙂 It was pretty cool to see (and feel) my little issue subside. I am a believer! Terry is EXTREMELY knowledgeable about his profession, and I felt very confident in his capable hands (and needles).”– Dennis B., Fort Collins


I have been going to you for over 3 months.  Many times I have had great changes in my health and energy.  But, none as great as this last week end.

I walked into your office after an especially grueling 2 weeks.  I walked out of your office a new person.  All the stress was gone.  My energy was like a kid again and my attitude was awesome.  I was walking on a cloud.

I had already worked 5 straight days and I had to work till 11pm Saturday, I do not think I could have made it without the treatment.

Thank you for all the wonderful healing you have done for me and I can’t wait to see what we accomplish in the future.  I feel like I am getting younger all the time.  My energy has increased, my health has improved and I am able to hold the schedule I had when I was in my 30’s, I am now 65.  WOW!  What a great way to feel.”– Barbara W., Fort Collins