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Questions About Us

Common Questions about Artesian Spring Oriental Medicine

At ASOM, we commonly hear certain questions regarding our business.  So here are the answers:

What is that red Chinese character?


Our logo is the Chinese character “Fu.”  It translates into “good fortune” or “happiness.”  It also has connotations of affluence, avoidance of misfortune, blessing, wellbeing, being satisfied with one’s life, and good health.

At Artesian Spring Oriental Medicine, our vision is to see all people pain-free, healthy and happy.  “Fu” is a lovely symbol that encompasses that vision.


Why “Artesian Spring?”  Do you sell bottled water or something?

Good question!  We chose the Artesian Spring to be a symbol of our business for a couple of reasons.


artesian_well-svgWhere Terry grew up in Northern Wyoming, certain areas are quite desolate.  But in those areas of desolation, there are small pockets of verdant and abundant life.  This is because of an Artesian Spring.   An Artesian Spring’s source stems from an underground aquifer.


Due to the pressure of the rock above the aquifer, water will naturally percolate through the porous soil and upward to the surface through cracks in the rock.  Human beings have figured out how to locate an aquifer, drill a hole, and tap its source.  Artesian Spring water is pure, healthy, and easily drinkable due to the natural filtration of the porous soil and rock. The source water nourishes and enlivens everything around it. The plants are greener and fuller.  From cattle to coyotes, animals are drawn to the area.  Thus, the Artesian Spring is a place of activity and exuberance.  It is a place that refreshes and restores those who partake of it.  We envision our practice to be the same.

We also see the Artesian Spring as a wonderful metaphor for Acupuncture.  Your true Qi is the aquifer.  Our acupuncture needle taps your aquifer, creating a flowing spring of energy that promotes your vibrancy and vitality.  It reconnects you to your source, returns your joy for life, and revives your spirit and vigor.

So no, we’re not selling you bottled water.  We’re offering you the opportunity to visit to our Artesian Spring – a place of growth and abundant life.  A place to revitalize yourself.   A place to refresh your weary mind and body.  A place to restore your energy and health.

Your invitation is open.  We invite you to explore and benefit from what we have to offer.

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