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Lucky Fox Herbal Beauty Foot Bath

Lucky Fox Herbal Beauty Foot Bath


Add these Chinese herbs to warm water to create an invigorating Traditional Chinese Medicine foot bath.

“I’ve used the Lucky Fox Beautiful Skin Herbal Foot Bath several times. This product sparks joy for me. It has a very soothing sensation, my skin feels so soft, fresh, and rejuvenated. I use it in the evening before going to bed. And it sounds funny, but I actually think I sleep better. It puts a smile on my face every time I think about sinking my tired feet into a warm, relaxing foot bath. Maybe I shouldn’t say this, but I’ve even brewed the foot bath to use as a face wash. I dipped my wash cloth in the hot brew and washed my face. It was amazing how soft and clean my face felt. I whole-heartedly recommended this product.”
– Carolyn from Buffalo, WY

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Why Herbal Beauty Foot Bath? In Yin-Yang theory, we treat the lower part of the body to have an effect on the upper part. So, we bath the feet to beautify the face.

Our Lucky Fox Herbal Beauty Foot Bath is made from the highest quality Chinese herbs – organic and independent lab tested. That means no pesticides, heavy metals, or any other ickiness.

This TCM formula clears Pathogenic Heat, moistens Dryness, and supports Yin to promote your beautiful skin.

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