Artesian Spring Oriental Medicine

Fort Collins, CO - Aesthetic, Cosmetic, and Facial Acupuncture. No Botox Necessary.

Our Uniqueness

Our Uniqueness / What Sets Us Apart

At Artesian Spring Oriental Medicine, we:

  • Supply you with a needle expert.  At ASOM you’ll feel safe knowing that our expert Acupuncturist has 3,000+ hours of training and 12+ years of experience in skillful needle insertion.
  • Educate you.  Some believe this work to be mysterious and mystical.  We make it down to earth and understandable.  Your questions are always encouraged.  You also receive access to unique, online educational content through our blog and website.
  • Provide you a distinctive, clear-cut treatment process.  You’ll be able to make sense of your treatment.  There’s no mystery to it.  We lay it all out for you.
  • Give you confidence.  You’ll be seen and heard due to our open, honest communication and integrity.  We adhere to a blend of Taoist philosophy, Christian morality, and the Code of the West, that we affectionately call “Kung Fu Cowboy Ethics.”


We’ve got happy patients all over Northern Colorado!

At Artesian Spring Oriental Medicine we want you to be seen and heard! Be the Beauty you are!