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Natural Aesthetic Enhancement System (NAES)

Look Younger and Feel Better with Natural Aesthetic Enhancement System (NAES) ™

Is there a disconnect between the way you look and how you feel? 

You want to look your best. And, you don’t want to look fake, frozen, or worse. So what can you do?

Based on the holistic methods of Traditional Chinese Medicine, NAES is an all-natural alternative to Botox®, Fillers, and Plastic Surgery.

  • It’s safer – no toxins, no scalpels, no sutures, no anesthesia, no drugs. And there’s no downtime for recovery.
  • NAES helps you look younger, softer, and more vibrant naturally – by stimulating the building blocks of youthful looking skin, increasing circulation of Qi energy, blood, and gasotransmitters.
  • Helps support and lift drooping facial muscles, creating more symmetry and reducing the look of fine lines and wrinkles, through stimulation of neuromuscular junctions.

The  Natural Aesthetic Enhancement System is holistic. It is designed to address the whole person.

TCM Face Reading at ASOM
Traditional Chinese Face Reading tells us that every line on the face reveals your story. You may not wish broadcast your personal story. We can help you with that.

The face is a record of what and how a person lives. It displays the mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical state of a person. If you want to look younger naturally, without Botox, Fillers, or Plastic Surgery, then it is key to address all aspects of your being.

Our Natural Aesthetic Enhancement System an organic process that works on many levels with your body, over time, to renew your health, radiance, and longevity.

What NAES is not:

  • A face-lift
  • A filler
  • A surgery
  • A toxin
  • A quick fix
  • skin deep

Several techniques are custom tailored to your unique presentation: reading and diagnosis of the face, tongue, and radial pulse, Acupuncture, Massage Therapy, Gua Sha, Cupping, Jade Rolling, Internal and External use of Chinese herbs, Vibrational Tuning Forks, Facial Magnets, External Qi Healing, Whole Food Supplementation, Traditional Lifestyle and Dietary Coaching, and the Ultimate Life Tool personal assessment.

NAES consists of 16 treatments administered twice per week for 8 weeks. Results can last 3-5 years depending upon your diet and lifestyle. Your constitution is unique, so your personal results may vary. To see actual patient photos, click here.

  • The 1st part of NAES is the ULT Assessment. By discovering your physiometrics, your energetics, your polarity, and your personality drivers, this exam gives you insight into how your daily life affects your aging process. These insights will help you optimize your lifestyle to keep yourself vibrant, energetic, and happy.
  • The 2nd part of NAES is Dietary Supplementation and Regulation. Your body needs the right building blocks in order to have healthy glowing skin. Using organic whole-food supplements adds the proper nutrients to your diet, giving you a great foundation for cellular regeneration. And proper hydration / more efficient hydration is very important. Use of structured water units and VitaJuwel allows for easier intake of water.
  • The 3rd part of NAES is Aesthetic Acupuncture, Constitutional Acupuncture, and Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine like our Lucky Fox Herbal Beauty Foot Bath.
  • The 4th part of NAES is daily Skin Care. Cleanse, Nourish, Moisturize, Protect. I recommend products from Zi Zai Dermatology and R3 Skin Nutrients.