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Standard Process Dietary Supplements for Skin Care

Utilizing Organic, Whole Foods for Skin Care – Standard Process® Supplements in our Natural Aesthetic Enhancement System™


In Traditional Chinese Medicine, we see food as a medicine that is put into the body on a daily basis. Unfortunately, in our modern culture, this often is not the case. So, in order to combat the contemporary American diet, supplementation has become a necessity. Standard Process provides organic, whole food supplements that bridge the gap between what you eat and what you need for optimal health. This is caring for your skin from the inside out!

Package 1 – General Daily Nutrition

Helps prevent and correct common nutritional deficiencies.

Health is beauty. That’s a fact. Another fact – Due to over-farming, pesticides, and over-processing, the standard American diet lacks the nutrients you need in order to keep yourself healthy. Unless you’re an Organic Farmer that grows, raises, and cooks everything you eat, whole food supplementation is a must! Without whole foods, your body lacks the essential building blocks it needs to repair and replace dead and damaged cells. Lack of those key nutrients only speeds up the aging process and increases your likelihood of skin irreparable damage.

If you want to be radiant and vivacious well into your golden years, it’s required you supplement your diet. If you’re sick and tired of looking sick and tired, you simply have to supplement your diet. Give your body the essential building blocks it needs to stay young and healthy. Use Standard Process Daily Essentials packets.

Each packet contains:

Catalyn (three tablets)—contains vital nutrients from whole food and other sources. This gives your body the nutrients is needs to help repair damage.

Trace Minerals-B12 (one tablet)—trace mineral supplement. Minerals help give the skin and musculature a solid support structure. And B12 is key for immune support.

Tuna Omega-3 Oil (two perles)—provides 300 mg DHA and 60 mg EPA omega-3 fatty acids to support heart, brain, eye, and joint health. It also helps give your hair and eyes that healthy glow.

Recommended dosage: 1 packet in the morning. 1 packet in the evening.

Daily Fundamentals Box amount: $70 per single box or $195 for a 3 month supply

Package 2 – Facial Vitality

Helps slow the effects of aging.

As you look in the mirror, you have a front row ticket to the aging process. You get to see it in either fast-forward or slow motion. The supplements in our Facial Vitality package help put the aging process in slow-mo. Gotu Cola has been shown to support rapid healing of damaged tissue and improve circulation. Cataplex C reduces inflammation and is critical in assembling amino acids for the formation of collagen. RNA (ribonucleic acid) decodes the blue prints found in your DNA, regulates new cell formation, and increases skin health and vitality. Together, these three whole food supplements tell Father Time to back away from your face.

Recommended dosage: Gotu Cola – 3 tabs (1 per meal), Cataplex C – 6 tabs (2 per meal), RNA – 9 tabs (3 per meal) daily for 4 months.

Facial Vitality amount: $597 for 4 month supply

Supplement Info

Gotu Cola– primary to support complex and rapid healing and improving circulatory system, improves vitality and resilience, aids in healing damaged tissues, tonic effect on the nervous system, improves circulation, source of OPC, reduces edema, strengthens blood vessels, healthy aging formula due to its positive effects on circulation

Cataplex C– whole food vitamin C complex support immune, thyroid, adrenals and reduces inflammation, supports the blood vessels, critical in assembling amino acids in the formation of collagen.

RNA– food source RNA that regulates gene expression, protein formation, new cell formation, part of tissue repair, decodes blue prints found in DNA, increases vitality, circulation, skin health and elasticity

Package 3 – Collagen Boost

Helps keep skin soft and smooth.

Collagen is a key building block for your skin. When your skin is rich with collagen, it’s toned, supple and radiant. As you age, collagen production slows. This makes skin saggy, fragile, and prone to wrinkles. Our Collagen Boost package helps you reduce collagen loss and improve collagen production. Help keep your skin baby soft, firm, and toned with these whole food supplements.

Regeneplex – has been clinically shown reduce eye and facial wrinkles. Cataplex F – helps prevent the sun from frying the collagen in your skin. Calicifood Wafers – supplies all 22 amino acids (which includes the 8 essential amino acids) your body needs to form collagen. Cyruta Plus – strengthens capillary walls, prevents collagen degeneration, and reduces harm from X-rays. Zypan – combines hydrochloric acid, pepsin, and pancreatin to help you get more collagen from your food. Additionally, it also helps with gas and bloating.

Recommended dosage: Regeneplex – 4 tabs daily, Cataplex F – 1 tab per meal, Calicifood Wafers – 6 wafers daily (2 per meal), Cyruta Plus – 3 tabs daily (1 per meal), Zypan – 3 tabs daily (1 per meal) for 3 months

Collagen Boost amount: $469 for 3 month supply

Supplement info

Regeneplex– clinical research on this formula show it can reduce eye and facial wrinkles, C complex supports collagen production and supports circulation, necessary ingredients that support cellular health and skin membranes. Carotinoids can also help reduce sun damage. Healthy fats from tuna and palm help keep skin nourished and supple.

Cataplex F– whole food vitamin F complex, helps spread calcium though the tissues, helps prevent sunburn and sun exhaustion, and normalizes thyroid function,

Calicifood Wafers– These supply all 22 amino acids (which includes the 8 essential amino acids) in a raw veal bone formula. The body needs all 22 amino acids to form protein and collagen, but many of them are destroyed by heat. The raw form removes the extra steps caused by having to break down already formed protein from food.

Cyruta Plus– organic buckwheat leaf and seed, helps maintain integrity of blood vessels, contains all essential amino acids, anti-inflammatory, helps varicose and spider veins, The vitamin P complex is the antihemorrhagic factor of the C complex. The most potent source is from rutin derived from green buckwheat juice. It strengthens capillary walls, prevents protein (collagen) degeneration, and reduces harm from X-rays.

Zypan– Collagen can only be digested in the presence of pepsin. Zypan combines HCL, pepsin, pancreatin, and more to aid the digestion of protein, fat, and carbohydrates. Also helps with gas and bloating.