Rates and Plans

Treatment Rates and Plans

We offer affordable rates and Comprehensive Traditional Chinese Medicine treatment plans, specifically tailored to your needs.

Initial Evaluation and Acupuncture treatment: $165

Required for all patients. Session duration is 90 minutes. Includes: In-depth Discussion of medical history, diet, and lifestyle, TCM Diagnostic Procedures and physical assessments, Acupuncture Treatment, Post-treatment Recommendations, and a smile with a handshake.

You'll love our treatment plans


Comprehensive Traditional Chinese Medicine

Together we’ll utilize all 5 Branches of Traditional Chinese Medicine to engage a customized, personalized plan of treatment that will get you back to where you want to be.

1 hour services

Acupuncture Treatment     $90
Wu Dang External Qi Healing (EQH)    $125
Massage Therapy    $157
Craniosacral Therapy    $99

External Qi Healing - Terry Fox

Terry uses Wudang EQH during a treatment

Acupuncture Service + Add on services
(These are additional modalities that can be used during your 1 hour Acupuncture treatment.)

Moxibustion    $15
E-stim    $15
Craniosacral Therapy    $27
Wu Dang EQH    $27
Vibrational Tuning Forks    $15

Massage Therapy   $39/$75     adds an additional 15/30 minutes to total table time
Gua Sha / Fire Cupping   $30   adds an additional 15 minutes to total table time

Our Comprehensive Traditional Chinese Medicine Packaged Plans:

8 treatments      $680           You Save $40
12 treatments    $1008         You Save $72
20 treatments    $1660         You Save $140
Additional add on services are to be paid for at the time of service.

Cosmetic Acupuncture 

Our Cosmetic Acupuncture services are now exclusive to Zi Zai Dermatology. Click here to contact their clinic for details and pricing.

We are not a walk-in facility. Consultation and Acupuncture treatment is performed by appointment only.

Appointment times are generally available Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, 9am-4pm.

We do require 24 hours advance notice for appointment cancellations.  Otherwise you may be billed for the scheduled acupuncture treatment.

Comprehensive Package Plans may only be engaged after your Initial Evaluation.

At Artesian Spring Oriental Medicine, we take a stand for our patients by facilitating deep, lasting, and positive transformation. As such, we know the strengths and weaknesses of our medicine. And we care about our patients. You deserve cumulative and long-lasting results! Consequently, we do not recommend singular, “one-shot” treatments. Consistency is key in this medicine.

All treatments must be paid for in advance or at the time the service has been rendered. A fee of 50% of the treatment price will be added per day to any late payments.

ASOM accepts payment in cash, check or by credit card. We do not bill insurance.

Prices are subject to change without notice.

Ask about our Healthy Harmony Promise that guarantees your satisfaction!