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What is Jingluò?

Wednesday November 30, -0001 comments

What Is Fort Collins Jingluo?

Like your house, your body is connected to a grid--the Jingluò--an invisible cocoon-like network of 14 meridians, or channels, wrapped across the surface of your largest organ, your skin.

Twelve pairs of regular meridians run along both sides of your body while two major meridians run along the midlines of your abdomen and your back.

Your Qi zaps back and forth between these meridians and your critical zang and fu organs, much like the current of electricity between the power grid and the appliances in your house.

When the Jingluò goes down, or suffers any kind of blockage, your zang and fu organs suffer as well. Illness and disease take hold. Critical components lose power.

Your zang and fu organs connect at over 400 acupoints distributed in a highly organized manner along the various grid-lines of your Jingluò. It is at these points that Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioners apply such therapeutic actions as Acupuncture and Moxibustion.